Traditional CSA

Cultivating more than vegetables, cultivating community

How does it work? 
Each week for 24 weeks Traditional CSA members will receive a “share” of in-season vegetables harvested super fresh just for them. We strive for 5-7 different varieties per week. We also offer a trade table where members can trade veggies they don’t like for ones others traded. In addition, you’ll receive recipes and storage tips for the veggies in your share! We grow over 100 different varieties of vegetables so your shares should never get boring. You’ll also have the opportunity to order our other farm products such as meat, eggs and fruit. Plus, some of our favorite farmer’s and food producers will be available to offer flowers, fruit, cheese, eggs, meat, mushrooms, honey and more! 

Pick up locations in Bloomington & Lincoln on Tuesday evenings. Home/Office Delivery is also offered for a small fee.  

The membership dues are $475 for the full season. A $100 deposit is due at the time of registration. The remaining will be due April 1st.. When broken down, the cost of the CSA is only $19.79 a week for super fresh, organic veggies. You’ll find our prices to be more affordable than places like Jewel, Kroger, Hyvee or even Walmart! 

What does it cost to eat out for a family of 4?
Probably more than $20 
Your weekly share of super-fresh vegetables, for less than the cost of eating out, offers more substantial flavor, nutrition, quality & bang for your buck! 

SIGN UP FOR 2018! 
Reserve your spot by sending your $100 deposit! 

Send in your payment and registration form (click here) 
PrairiErth Farm 
2056 2100th St 
Atlanta, IL 61723 

Sign up online 
Visit our online store (click here), select your preferred location and pay your deposit.  

Other Benefits of our Traditional CSA include: 
- CSA farm tours 
- Discounts on our other farm products 
- First chance at local, raw honey from Honey Pimp Apiaries delivered right to the pick-up. 
- “Tier One” priority of our other sell-out CSA programs. 
- A deeply discounted copy of the PrairiErth Farm Cookbook. 
- A weekly e-newsletter with recipes, farm news and more! 
- Access to other local farmer’s products like goat cheese, gelato, fresh baked breads using local, organic grains, flowers, chickens, turkeys, duck eggs! Organic fruits and specialty items like hot sauces and jams! 
- Excellent “YOU-FOCUSED” customer service! 
Fresher, more delicious & nutritious food. Your veggies are usually picked within 8-12 hours of your pick up meaning you get the most flavor, most nutrients, more bang for your buck! Our produce lasts so long so less waste too! 

Contact us for more information or with questions! Email: 

Reflecting and appreciating the hallmark of a CSA, it’s truly a relationship between farmer and consumer as we both share the challenges and successes of the farm. When there are bounties and bumper crops your shares will show more than typical amounts of vegetables. Likewise, if we have a crop loss due to disease, weather, or pests there may be certain types of vegetables that aren’t as abundant. In exchange for shouldering some of that risk you receive extremely fresh, and nutrient packed food at a great value!

We love to grow the following veggies for our CSA members! 
Heirloom tomatoes 
Salad Mix 
Head Lettuce 
Sweet Peppers 
Knob onions 
Garlic scapes 
Butternut squash 
 Sweet corn 
Carrots (3 different types!) 
Hot Peppers
Swiss Chard 
Red & Green Cabbage 
Sweet potatoes 
Beets (3 different types!) 
Black Spanish Radishes 
Summer Squash 
Potatoes (6 different types!) 
Daikon radishes 
Heirloom winter squashes
Spicy Salad Mix 
Napa Cabbage 
Spaghetti squashes 
Watermelon radishes 
Bok Choy 
Green Beans 
Hybrid Tomatoes 
Collard Greens 
Mustard greens 
Green Garlic 
Fingerling Potatoes 
Dragon Tongue Beans